Stop Government Spying on Our Internet Communication

From Open Media, a video about The Harper Government’s proposed Internet Spying Law, which would remove any controls on Government access to your private cellphone conversations, emails, business transactions and friends. During the 2011 election Stephen Harper denied access to a Conservative meeting to two girls who had posted their picture online with the Leader of the Opposition. This could be indicative of how he will employ these new, unrestrained, powers. First it was denial of access to meetings, why not denial of access to jobs? The Harper Government has pressured foreign governments into withdrawing sponsorship of a Canadian artist, Franke James, whose paintings were critical of the Alberta Tar Sands, a pet project of The Harper Government. With unfettered access to private citizens’ internet postings and email, what would stop these same people from pressuring business and social associates of those who oppose Conservative business interests like the Alberta Tar Sands?

Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt was kept under tyranny with these kinds of actions and the one thing that was the most important in orchestrating his demise was a free and open internet. All dictators fear open communication among their people.

Visit the Open Media site and sign the petition against Unlawful Access of our private communication by Government.